Install Nextcloud.Box setup on RPi4 with PiDrive

Hi there,
I got confused, maybe someone could kindly clarify:
I was running for years on RPi3, thanks to snap-tech everything updating happily unattended :slight_smile:
I’d like to migrate to RPi4 with 4GB RAM.
I have a PiDrive with the additional cable as was sold back in the days of Nextcloud cooperating with WesternDigital.

I think the original Nextcloud.Box was using the SD-card only booting, all other IO going to the harddisk.

  • Would this be the thing to install?
    ** how then to switch to the harddisk for everything?
    ** I read the Raspian-distro can tell the board to directly boot from harddrive, but can Snappy?

  • Should I rather install NextcloudPi and leave the snap-universe behind?

Many thanks for thoughts and opinions! :blush: