Install Nextcloud.Box setup on RPi4 with PiDrive

Hi there, I got confused, maybe someone could kindly clarify: I was running for years on RPi3, thanks to snap-tech everything updating happily unattended :slight_smile: I’d like to migrate to RPi4 with 4GB RAM. I have a PiDrive with the additional cable as was sold back in the days of Nextcloud cooperating with WesternDigital.

I think the original Nextcloud.Box was using the SD-card only booting, all other IO going to the harddisk.

  • Would this be the thing to install? ** how then to switch to the harddisk for everything? ** I read the Raspian-distro can tell the board to directly boot from harddrive, but can Snappy?

  • Should I rather install NextcloudPi and leave the snap-universe behind?

Many thanks for thoughts and opinions! :blush:


I stongly recommand you to read this thread :slight_smile:

if you are using a pi4, there are ways to make it boot from USB via first using an ubuntu desktop install and updating the EEPROM…

you’d then simply write the image to the usb disk (which indeed wipes the disk, make sure to have backups if you want to keep any data from it) and boot without SD card …