Instagraph 0.2 won't start

New to snap, pretty cool. I’m loading up. Not sure if this is the right place to report bugs in snaps or not.

I installed instagraph 0.2. Every time I try to launch it, I get the following error:

/snap/instagraph/70/bin/instagraph: line 13: /snap/instagraph/70/opt/bin/Instagraph: No such file or directory.

I took a look at /snap/instagraph/70/bin/instagraph, which is a bash script. At the bottom, it calls: exec $SNAP/opt/Instagraph/bin/Instagraph “$@”

This file definitely doesn’t exist. I also note that the other snaps I’ve installed don’t even have any file other than desktop-launch in the /snap/app/version/bin directory.

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This looks like a packaging issue in snapcraft. CC @kalikiana

Indeed I’m getting the same error. @turanmahmudov are you aware of this problem?

same problem with me please help

Same error here as well.