Inkscape snap is not production quality

The inkscape snap has a number of bugs:

The theme handling is broken, defaulting to a win95-like theme.

It cannot open apps directly from Nautilus. Choosing to open a SVG (for example) from Nautilus results in an error. The same file can be opened from inside inkscape.

It cannot import eps files, complaining of a missing library/plugin.

None of this bugs are present on the deb or flatpak version.

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Is the file’s path contains spaces? If it is I’ve submitted a patch recently:

Unfortunately, the snap build seems to be outdated for unknown reason…

Thanks for bringing this up! I have experienced exactly the same problems while working extensively with the Inkscape snap recently. How would we going about getting this fixed?
(I am more of a designer than a developer myself)

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I would say pinging the upstream via a proper channel would help. The inkscape-user mailing list is likely one.

The version in the edge channel seems to have the fix included, however I encountered a serious issue of long launch time in this version:


UPDATE: It seems that the cause is opening a certain SVG file, oh well. When launched directly it only takes 2 second before Inkscape become ready.

UPDATE: UPDATE: It seems that the native Inkscape also open the same SVG file with only 2 seconds, oh well.

Hi Lin-Buo-Ren,
I am pretty new to this ecosystem. Please be patient with me on this. So what I think your message means is: make a report or forum post at the Inkscape developers website and ask them to create the snap. Is that what you meant to say? And is that something we could ask of them?

From Report Bugs | Inkscape:

Please report any bugs you find in Inkscape in the Launchpad Bug Tracker for Inkscape.

If you’re a new, or even intermediate level Inkscape user, it might be a good idea to post the problem you’re having in one of the mailing lists (developer mailing list or user community mailing list), or one of the bulletin board style forums (list on this page), to discuss the problem more directly. Or one of the two IRC channels is another option. Often more experienced users will be able to tell you if it’s a known bug, or a bug, at all. If it’s a known bug, you can look it up, and learn more about it. Perhaps by discussing it, you might learn a workaround.

Do note that you should always mention that you’re using the snap distribution.