Inkscape snap cannot access /media folder

I had a snap version of Inkscape in Ubuntu 18.04.
I did not find anyway to give permissions to the /media folder.
This is a crippling limitation for the use of this snap, as I have a double-boot system and many files on my Windows partition which is under /media…
I had to unsinstall and reinstall from another source.
I used the flatpak version, and it did not have this limitation.

I will have to avoir snap installs as much as possibe until there is an easy way to release such permissions

@silvain you could get in touch with the snap’s authors and file this as a bug there.

All they need to do is plug the removable-media interface…

I looked in Inkscape website and found that this limitation is mentioned. But I cannot find whom to adress this issue to, and this is really a MAJOR ISSUE. We cannot use snap versions where files cannot be accessed or saved outside of the home directory!

Inkscape document their bug reporting process at