Infinity login in developer account

I can not login in my developer account.

When I try login to it is finished successful but next time login frizz on login in

My browser loops through the address bar arguments endlessly and nothing happens

I had this as well. For me the problem had been that I had rejected the cookie message on and/or

But it looks like it at least needs the cookies labeled “functionality” to work. The cookie popup on both sites has three categories: “essential” (which cannot be de-selected), “performance” (tracking I guess) and “functionality”, and I had initially disabled the last two.

IMHO the login session cookies should either be treated as essential or the login should handle missing cookie settings and inform the user.

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Thanks, I have removed the cookies from and and everything works great.

It would have been great if you’d specified which browser you use. I’m assuming it’s Firefox, which is the one that exhibited this problem ( A fix was deployed yesterday, but as others mention, you might need to remove your cookies (and your cookies to be on the safe side) and log in from scratch, to ensure the possibly-stale cookies are all gone.

  • Daniel