Inc font size in Spotify?

Is there a way to increase the size of the font within snap applications? It is teeny tiny and my eyes are no longer that sharp. For instance in Spotify the type size must be about 1 pt.

In all of the following settngs changing font sizes had no effect on Spotify. It seems that the snap app is running in a virtual machine that is not affected by any Ubuntu settings that I can alter.

Ubuntu > Settings > Display > Scale = 150%
Ubuntu > Settings > Universal Access > Large Text
Firefox > Settings > Fonts & Colors > all is set to 16
Gnome Tweaks > Fonts

Laptop Make & Model > Clevo: N141CU
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x86_64
Kernel: 5.13.0-28-generic
Shell: bash 5.0.17
CPU: Intel i7-10510U (8) @ 4.900GHz [102.2°F]
CPU Usage: 7%
Disk (/): 12G / 457G (3%)
GPU: Intel UHD Graphics
GPU Driver: i915
Memory: 4528MiB / 15694MiB
Resolution: 2560x1440
Packages: 1747 (dpkg), 11 (snap)

Spotify uses chromium embedded framework and last time I checked it completely ignored my host’s DPI values. Fortunately, shortcuts from chromium work too, so try hitting Ctrl-<plus> a couple of times to ‘zoom’ the view, Ctrl-<minus> decreases the zoom, Ctrl-0 resets the zoom setting.