In search for a new Persepolis snap owner

unfortunately the very short time available to me and, above all, my lack of knowledge of snapcraft, github and so on, has meant that from a year is no longer available a persepolis’s updated version because of building fails. Since the presence of old and no longer maintained packages is not a good thing for snap, the application and the user, I ask if someone come forward to replace me in the management/owning of this snap the github page is here

thank you very much

The store-requests category is designed for requests which are directed at the snap store admins for things like snap interface auto-connections or classic confinement requests etc - this sounds more like a request to the general snapcraft community so retagging it under snapcrafters.

@alexmurray thank you .

ok, so if there is no answer can I request the snap elimination from the snapstore here or have I to open a new discussion in the store-requests?

I think the snapcrafters category is also inappropriate. This category is for the “Snapcrafters Project”, not a general community catch-all… i.e. the initiative that is run by @Igor and @kenvandine to maintain community packages with transparent and verifiable processes.

This request is only valid if the request is for Snapcrafters to adopt the package. However, if the request is for someone to adopt it without the formal processes of Snapcrafters being involved then it is more appropriate to post it in snap.