In progress: various snaps

This is a list of in progress snaps for people to see what snaps may be out soon. If you want a snap on this list to be released sooner, click the link on the snap name and get testing/fixing. Hopefully this thread will encourage more work on snaps. This is inspired by this Disqus comment on OMG! Ubuntu!

Please edit this if it is out-of-date or missing an in-progress snap.

Please can an admin make this a wiki (and then remove this request)? Thanks! Also feel free to move this to cafe if you want.

To qualify for this list, snaps must be released into a store channel, but not Stable (i.e., they must be in Edge, Beta, or Candidate). Snaps will be listed by stability of channel, then by alphabetical order. The link will be to the testing thread here on the forum, if that doesn’t exist then the bug ticket for the snap, if that doesn’t exist then the snapcraft.yaml.


Visual Studio Code released as a Stable snap and will thus be removed from this list! :tada: :tada: :tada: Though the following things still need to be done for it to be ‘finished’:

Obviously all credit to Martin for all the work on this!

Thanks for driving this, @Ads20000! :muscle:

I think it’s a great rallying point for people wanting to help land snaps upstream.

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@Ads20000 Instead of having a wildcard wiki post with an ever growing list of snaps, I suggest just having the independent topics. The list is then the #snap category itself, which means people get to see the conversations properly organized and in order of activity, and searching also works well there. It also means there’s no need to maintain this wiki up-to-date, which will most likely get behind over time compared to the full #snap category.

@niemeyer Uh so would you be happy with there potentially being a flood of snap posts on the forum?

There’s quite a few snaps I’ve started/keeping track on (but haven’t released to channels yet) which I need help finishing (I can’t work it out for myself :’( ) and I’m sure in the future I’ll find more out there released into dev channels.

But if you think it’s best not have this then go ahead and delete it, sorry for being unhelpful/taking up your time!

As long as there’s real work going on in these snaps, yes, they are all welcome to be discussed here in the forum!

There’s no need to apologize or delete it either. Your help is most welcome, and this conversation is useful on itself. It will just fall through naturally once activity here stops, as everything else.

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