In progress: snapd 2.27.5

The snapd 2.27.5 starts now.

Highlights of this release:

  • updated interfaces: default, mir, optical-observe, system-observe, screen-inhibit-control, unity, network-control
  • new interfaces: greengrass-support
  • snapctl work inside the snap context too (outside of hooks)
  • forced-devmode information is available via the sysinfo API now
  • seccomp argument filtering re-enabled
  • add --listswitch to snap abort and snap watch
  • add new snap commandline aliass: snap search and snap change
  • many test improvements
  • many bugfixes
  • shellcheck everywhere
  • snap list now shows the snap type in the notes (if it is not type: app)
  • support “title” via the store/rest-api
  • syslogIdentifier is now written to the generated systemd unti files
  • make snapd itself a “type=notify” daemon
  • opensuse,fedora spec files are part of the git tree now
  • auto-import system-user assertion only from ext4,vfat partitions
  • show sha3-384 hash in snap info --verbose snapfile
  • show snap-id in snap info
  • make config defaults from gadget work also at first boot
  • add support for android-boot
  • implement snap-update-ns
  • use /etc/ssl from the core snap
  • implement shortcut snap install --unaliased to install a snap without its automatic aliases snapd#3375
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This one should be considered too:

Support for androidboot.

(this is still WIP)

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And this one too:

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When is the cut off date for this?

A first 2.27~rc3 candidate is in the “beta” channel now.

@mvo it would be great to have added to the release branch too once merged, it will prevent the snapd-notify error we were hitting last week.


@fgimenez, I reproduced that error during beta validation, would be nice if for next RC we can have this fix.

The current results for beta validations are being tracked in:

snapd-2.27~rc4 currently does not build on Fedora for 32-bit architectures.

cd /builddir/build/BUILD/snapd-2.27~rc4/src/
CGO_LDFLAGS="-g" "-O2" "-Wl,-Bstatic" "-lseccomp" "-Wl,-Bdynamic" /usr/lib/golang/pkg/tool/linux_386/cgo -
objdir $WORK/ -importpath -- -I $WORK/
seccomp/_obj/ -g -O2 main.go
In file included from /usr/include/xfs/xqm.h:21:0,
                 from src/
/usr/include/xfs/xfs.h:51:12: error: size of array 'xfs_assert_largefile' is too large
 extern int xfs_assert_largefile[sizeof(off_t)-8];

This issue has come up before in the distant past with snap-confine, and @zyga-snapd and @morphis fixed it before. It looks like the new snap-seccomp will need similar treatment.

I’ll try to fix it now.

What is current target date for 2.27? This Thursday?

Hey Sergio, thanks a lot for the validation. It seems we have a few failures in there (it would be nice if the scenarios that have failures and need looking at would be marked somehow).

Looks like we have quite a few failures, where do I get e.g. the console-conf automated tests? Did you run the tests from the release/2.27 branch? I will try to reproduce the failures now.

The target date is (tentatively) Monday, we need to get to the bottom of those test failures first though.

Today or next Monday?

Sorry, next Monday, we need to sort out the issues that Sergio reported first :slight_smile:

If I could get comment rights to the gdoc, that would be great. I am going over the failed tests now (from top to bottom):

  • db res1: error: cannot copy request into temporary file: write /tmp/snapd-sideload-pkg-453861150: no space left on device
  • amd64:
  • MATCH 'activation done in' error: pattern not found, got: - I cherry picked 405d0e6 to fix this
  • 2017-07-28 02:40:50 Error executing external:ubuntu-core-16-64:tests/main/prepare-image-uboot : ... Fetching core core 48.58 MB / 69.93 MB 69.47% 49.25 KB/s 7m23ss6s <kill-timeout reached>
  • i386: `
  • + echo 'Remove hook was executed. It shouldn'\''t.': fixed with #3661
  • Fetching pi2-kernel pi2-kernel 92.91 MB / 96.31 MB 96.46% 132.82 KB/s 26ssss5s <kill-timeout reached>
  • snapd-notify test, same as above for amd64
  • pi2:
  • snapd-notify: same as amd64
  • install-hook: same as amd64
  • prepare-image-uboot: same as amd64
  • pi3:
  • 2017-08-01 20:03:07 Error executing external:ubuntu-core-16-32:tests/main/failover:rclocalcrash : kill-timeout reached, cannot reconnect to external:ubuntu-core-16-32 after reboot: dial tcp getsockopt: no route to host

The failure on refresh in:

The failure: 2017-08-01 00:22:49 Error executing external:ubuntu-core-16-64:tests/main/interfaces-account-control : should be fixed once we cherry-pick to release/2.27

I released a new 2.27~rc7 into “beta” that should fix most of the above failures.

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The 2.27 release is now in the candidate channel. Please help testing by snap refresh --candidate core and let us know if everything works as expected. If we don’t find any regressions we plan to release 2.27 (-final) to stable early next week.

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