In progress: snapd 2.25

Hello everyone,

The Snappy team is happy to announce the availability of snapd 2.25!

Some of the highlights:

  • improved aliases implementation, details in Improving the aliases implementation
  • improved channels support (tracks), see Channels 2.0 Implementation)
  • per revision snapshots of the snap configuration
  • refresh schedule support, see Refresh-schedule via core config
  • cross distro improvements (Xauthority handling, debian spread tests run automatically now)
  • test improvements (more spread tests)
  • more fine-grained seccomp support for ioctl and quotactl
  • download robustness improvements (auto retry on hashsum and RST issues)
  • add built-using header to the deb packages to make tracking revisions easier
  • new snap tasks <chg> command
  • speedup for device key generation on pi2,pi3
  • run snap-confine from the core if snapd also runs from the core
  • new interfaces: media-hub, kubernetes-support
  • interface improvements

The new release is available in the core snap (and also in ubuntu-core) in the beta channel.

It is available in the Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, 16.10 and 17.04 proposed pockets. More distributions will follow at their own pace.

To install this new release just run the following command:

$ sudo snap refresh --beta core

On the classic distribution you can also enable -proposed (see and install snapd from there.

The source is available at

Enjoy and let us know if you notice any issues.

The snapd team

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The automated validation in beta has been successful for all the platforms and the snaps are ready to be promoted to candidate. These are the results:

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Package updates for Fedora are pending too. Thanks to @Conan_Kudo

Package updates for openSUSE and Yocto will come in the next days.


The core snaps shipping 2.25 are available now on the candidate channel for all the architectures, please let us know if you find any issues.

Manual/Automated tests for console conf already executed for candidate on:

  • i386
  • amd64
  • dragonboard

No new bugs detected.

Manual and automated tests for console-conf also successful for pi2 and pi3.