In progress: snapd 2.24

Status update, I’ve moved part of the validation done at the candidate stage to beta, so that we have stronger validation earlier and not promote potentially invalid snaps. The tests moved to beta are the automated suite execution on instances with the core snap refreshed from the revision in the last stable image to the new core, currently running, I’ll post here the results.

Hello Federico,

Any updates on this release?


Hello Ara, the validation is good so far and we have the description of the process executed previously at the candidate stage, hopefully the snaps will be promoted to candidate very soon. I’ll post here any status change.


We are planning to promote to candidate tomorrow morning. From there we will document the testing cycle and release to stable after a call for testing and subsequent results. Let us know if you have hard deadlines or are looking for a particular feature in this release and we can work on a more specific timeline for you.

Test results ok for suite execution after refresh core from stable image to beta:

snapd 2.24 is synchronizing out to the stable updates repos now, and will be available later today, so definitely in time for the Monday release announcement. So in the formal announcement of snapd 2.24 availability, you can mention that it’s available on Fedora 24, 25, 26, and Rawhide through sudo dnf install snapd.


Hi, guys!

Any plans that it will be released soon? On the ubuntu-core stable channel, I still get the version 2.23.6.

We are hoping to move this to stable on Monday.

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This has now been pushed to stable. Please let us know if you find any issues.

Let’s please move any further comments into the announcement topic.