In progress: snapcraft 2.33


Start of work: 23 June 2017 End of work: 5 July 2017

Feature work

:gear: python plugin: asset tracking proposal @elopio :white_circle: Remote per project containers @kalikiana :white_check_mark: Protoype ruby snaps and plugin @kyrofa @elopio @bdx :white_circle: Cross compile with multi-arch packages @kalikiana :red_circle: lxd: Inject snapcraft and core snaps into the container @kalikiana :red_circle: ROS2 support @kyrofa :red_circle: rosdep pip dependencies @kyrofa :red_circle: make the snapcraft snap work better on trusty @kyrofa

Bug work

:white_check_mark: Support snapcraft in mac in docker @evan :white_check_mark: pluginhandler: don’t clobber path on local import failure @zyga-snapd :white_check_mark: tests: do not break a systems bzr whoami @elopio

Technical debt

:white_check_mark: reproduceable builds test suite @elopio :gear: support reload-command for daemons @bloodearnest :gear: document the different test suites @elopio


:white_check_mark: Plan office hour, go snaps @elopio @popey @wimpress @kyrofa @sergiusens :white_check_mark: Plan office hour, electron snaps @elopio @popey @wimpress @kyrofa @sergiusens :white_check_mark: Blog post about installing and testing snaps in travis @elopio :gear: Add documentation about Travis and snaps @elopio :white_check_mark: Blog post about cross-board snaps using gobot @elopio :gear: Blog post about errbot snaps @elopio


Instructions to test a stable release update:

These are the tests that must pass before landing this new release in the -updates pockets of xenial and zesty:


:white_check_mark: Cross-compile and run an autotools snap. :white_check_mark: Cross-compile and run an waf snap.


:white_check_mark: Test a build failure in cleanbuild with --debug.


:white_check_mark: Test a snap with bash completion. :white_check_mark: Test a snap with reload-command.


:white_check_mark: Run clean with various states of dependent parts. :white_check_mark: Make snaps with yaml merge tags. :white_check_mark: Make python snaps. :white_check_mark: Make snaps with --target-arch and other snapcraft arguments in different order.

Release checklist

:white_check_mark: Create SRU bug LP: #1707060 :white_check_mark: Create changelog branch PR #1424 :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for xenial:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for zesty:arm64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:amd64 :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:armhf :white_check_mark: Run adt for artful:arm64 :white_check_mark: Merge changelog branch :white_check_mark: Tag the release. :white_check_mark: Write specific manual tests for the SRU :white_check_mark: dput to artful :white_check_mark: dput to zesty :white_check_mark: dput to xenial :white_check_mark: contact release team to accept into -proposed :white_check_mark: Run QA over packages in -proposed :white_circle: Create release notes :white_circle: contact the release team to release into -updates :white_circle: update the docker image :white_circle: send release update notice

@niemeyer can you please make this a wiki?

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I tested this release with the following snaps: