Improving Snapcrafters

During discussions at the Ubuntu Summit, we (@lucyllewy, @kenvandine, @galgalesh, @hellsworth, …) talked about how to improve Snapcrafters. A number of suggestions were thrown into the group.

  • Give some core contributors full access to the GitHub organization and all Snapcrafters snaps in the store. This way, we have a backup and a better view on the current state of snaps in the store. This could initially be Dani and Merlijn (me).
  • Write better documentation for how external people can contribute, and guide contributors in the process.
  • Do something about all the snaps that are unmaintained.
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The current “rules” for snapcrafters already has the concept of “Administrators”, who should have access to the entire organization and all the snaps to the store. So we could make Dani and me “Administrators”.

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