[Important] enhancements to snap store and its user interface

[Snap Store] This is about some enhancement requests for snap store. We believe many people will love it

  1. Display application submitted date to store.

  2. Display application last updated date
    (Currently this display only for several applications; not sure why)

  3. Changelog (in main screen or button to view as pop-up)
    (It’ll be better if application maintainer able to publish as for google play store etc or provide alternatively option for add changelog link or provide guide for developers to keep txt file with package file then enhance snap store to extract from it)

  4. Display several old version numbers and released dates
    (It helpful for users to know more about certain application and recent updates. See apple store apps changelog area)

  5. Provide option for revert to previous one or two versions and introduce Ignore this release facility. (In some cause, if latest version contain bugs or stop support to certain features)

  6. Add support for upload videos (video introductions) not only images (screenshots)
    Edit: (it seems has)

  7. We’re linux users then suggest and force developers to upload beta, dev, nightly version to store additional to stable. Make an UI enhancement for notify often during developer add an application for first time, push new updates

  8. Enhancement to update channels
    Currently if user changed update channel for specific snap through snap-store then installed snap change according to it so offer new option to expected users to install multiple channels snaps

  9. Expandable product images
    (Currently we cannot expand product images to see clearly and some are even unable to recognize well due small letters, icons under default size. Check google play store or windows store for that).

  10. Set minimum quality for upload product images. (Some applications overview has very low quality images.)

  11. Application localization support
    (Add separate field for developers to add link about each snap localization instruction eg: launchpad, weblate etc or manual details link)

  12. Display used programming languages, upcoming milestone similar github, gitlab etc.
    (If it an opensource software then you may able to implement sync, integration features. not only about used languages, you may able to display other important contents)

  13. For opensource software, display button or link to submit bugs and features: launchpad, gitlab, github and link to repository for volunteers to contribute

  14. Donation/ Buy me coffee option for FOSS developers (if necessary)

  15. Add organization/ developer profile similar google play store etc then users able to find other snaps published by them.

**The Map
About the map (that display where people are using certain snap)

This is really unwanted component to frond end, especially linux users and including others; we don’t use particular software because it popular in certain country or around the world.

i doubt you can argue if there any useful from it for us except for research organization, tracking purposes, third-party marketing and analytics platforms and snap package developer (but dev. can view metrics via developer dashboard more than that)

@alexmurray @noise (request to look)

Why this topic flagged and hidden?
Do you think that all 15 suggestions useless and nothing to get, no benefit for improve the software in anyway? its better add comment why before do such thing.

It’s no longer hidden. Don’t worry about it. Sometimes people flag things that “look” like spam.

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