Import meta-snappy into


the Yocto layer I maintain currently lives on my private github account at

As due to the nature of Yocto this layer will stay on its own and any interested party can pull this into their build. Yocto generally is build out of layers so this is fine.

To give meta-snappy a bit more official character I would like to import it into and propose to have it in the future as

Any thoughts or comments?


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@niemeyer @zyga-snapd Any thoughts on this?

+1 from me, this will gain official recognition and will open the path to automated testing. I don’t know about the name tough (meta-snappy feels a bit mysterious), how about snapd-yocto?

Nope, all layers for Yocto are always prefixed with meta-. We shouldn’t use a different name combination here. See

I would like to reignite this topic. We are currently maintaining a fork of meta-snappy in our project, have full confinement working, also have the tooling to create a snap seed as part of the yocto build process.

Those changes are currently private. However I have started the process of eventually proposing those changes upstream (e.g.

We could also extend the “demo” distro in that project to be a bit more useful and support newer versions of poky.

Also I think meta-snapd would be a better name. snappy from what I understand is a “deprecated” name of the project