Image Density Fixer

(Nope, this is not a third-party snap packaging, but an original work with a snap distribution)

I would like to announce the initial release of the Image Density Fixer application.


This is a command-line utility that fixes images’ image density property by user-given real-world image dimensions (width and height in centimeters). The purpose of this utility is to improve the optical character recognition(OCR) quality of a camera-captured image by providing approximate image density value.

The implementation of this application is a simple GNU Bash script that calls GNU Coreutils, GNU Sed, GNU Bc, and ImageMagick. This project’s purpose is to demonstrate how one can package and deliver a simple script-based application to the users without worrying software dependency problems, automatic updates, and overly-complicated packaging details via the use of the Snap technology, and The Imagemagick Remote Part has been created as a result.

You may try it out by running the following command:

sudo snap install image-density-fixer
image-density-fixer --help


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Please report any issues regarding the usage of this snap and the application to: