(i'm probably so weird for asking this)What is the age group of this forum?

I sound so weird asking this,but what age group are Snapcraft’s forums trying to be in(Scratch is G,and the block based snap is pg-13),but if its for people who have been coding for years,ill probably go :thinking:

sorry if i deleted earlier this topic and glitched your reply

there is no age limitation and there is no requirement for coding experience either since snapcraft is typically not used for coding at all, but for creating packages of exsiting software to make it available to other linux users …

snaps are a delivery mechanism, snapcraft is the tool to create packages and bundles of (mostly already existing) software to deliver it, it is not a coding/programming tool or language at all …

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so its kinda like minecraft but without the gaming parts

thanks a bunch for answering me instead of ignoring me

@ogra and anyone else i have a quick question: what is the cafe forum category for?


That is the funniest description for a forum category ive seen