I'm a newbie, need to clear some doubts:

  1. Why stable app update take more days which is been available in the other market already? (Eg: Flatpak ) How is the Flatpak platform is faster than snap? Why can’t snap provide stable update faster? What snap wait for? Do I miss something? Or am I wrong to want to have this need of an update? Should I have more patience about update while everyone is talking about?

Not sure about Flatpak but the Snap distribution do have a certain level of quality assurance, and will avoid causing user regressions just to be a couple of days earlier than others.

Probably this one:

Free software is free of choices, you can:

Cheers. :clinking_glasses:


thanks. That was loud and clear. Love from Nepal. (I can’t donate LibreOffice. I wish i can. We lack paypal in this country. +plus i’m an IT student. And have not earned many yet. So, still quite far from there. Someday,… i might :blush: )

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While it is often said that donations can help, I hope you don’t feel pressured to part with money if you have a limited bank balance. The donation suggestion is for people that can afford to help with money. For those that do not have a lot of money we just hope you benefit from our efforts in the community spirit.

I hope your studies go well and you get yourself a healthy job that you enjoy :slight_smile: