Icon for custom gadget snap

I have a forked a branch of the pi-gadget snap for some custom changes. I wanted to add a custom icon for the custom snap. I added epi-pi.png (my snap name is epi-pi) to the folder snap/gui and add the line icon: snap/gui/epi-pi.png to the snapcraft.yaml.

The resulting snap was published to the store and released. The icon is not showing in the store. What am I doing wrong?

you should set it in the stores web UI instead, if you look at:

ā€¦ there is also no icon anymore. the png in snap/gui pre-dates some changes in the store, there are certain size requirements for the icon now and IIRC the one in snap/gui is only used by .desktop files for GUI apps nowadays (i.e. not really relevant for gadget snaps) but not imported on upload anymore.

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