I cant install warzone2100

I try to install warzone2100 using snap command but it says:

error: snap “warzone2100” not found

I tested it on these os: ubuntu and debian

Hi ! @rayanfar .

what command did you execute, is that your snap package manager is up to date?

Are you on a 32-bit install? There is no i386 build of Warzone 2100 published in the store.

What’s the output of the command snap version and arch commands?

I cant find any command or parameter to check snap verion:

snap --version ?

if you want to know about snap refresh, I did it

snap 2.61.2 snapd 2.61.2 series 16 debian 12 kernel 6.1.0-18-amd64


No @johntk005 .

Perhaps another spam ! :slight_smile:

@rayanfar ! The snap is available .

@baldeuniversel the snap is available but the warzone2100 is not!

error: snap “warzone2100” not found

I installed it an hour ago via the command :

sudo snap install warzone2100

ok, execute this and post the result:

snap version

ok, it works. solution:

I removed snap and use flatpak instead:)

$ snap version         
snap    2.61.1
snapd   2.61.1
series  16
ubuntu  22.04
kernel  6.5.0-18-generic

Okay @rayanfar .

Great !

If problem is continuous then, You have to download the warzone2100 from the official site.