Husarion as a Verified Publisher


I would like to make my account at to have a Verified Publisher status.

  1. The list of my snaps:

    • rosbot-xl
    • rosbot-xl-nav
    • rosbot-xl-teleop
  2. The company details:

    Husarion sp. z o.o.
    ul. Pradnicka 89/6
    31-202 Krakow
  3. The group email address:

Fwiw adding here a +1.
Husarion is collaborating with the Robotics team in order to deploy their stack as snaps on their robots. This will be publicly showcased soon.

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Thanks for your application! This gets a +1 from me.

Sounds exciting! +1 from me

@Husarion Your account has been verified! Happy snapping!

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