“human review required” for Norka snap


I’ve published my first Snap recently - Norka - which is written in Python3 using GTK 3. Since I am using GtkApplication, the app automatically creates a D-Bus service. In order to run it correctly, I have to declare dbus slot which I’ve added to snapcraft.yml and pushed it to Snap Store.

And this is where the error from the title comes in - I’ve got human review required due to 'deny-connection' constraint (interface attributes) declaration-snap-v2_slots_connection (dbus-norka, dbus) message after uploading my Snap. I’m not sure how long it could take and couldn’t find any info about this stage so… I’m looking for help here.


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I have just granted the snap declaration for this well-known dbus slot name for norka - and it is now passing automated review. Normally human reviewers review the queue of snaps blocked for publishing within 24 hours and so we often handle these automatically without the need for an explicit forum request like this one - but there is no harm in creating an explicit request as you have done. Thanks.

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Thank you for review and the explanation :grinning: