Human review required due to 'deny-connection' constraint (interface attributes) declaration-snap-v2_slots_connection (passie-dbus, dbus)

Yesterday I upload the first version of my (first) snap. Its a password manager made with Flutter, snapcraft prompted that human review was necessary, after a little research I think the fault was the fact that I put slots on apps.passie.

  command: bin/Passie
  desktop: snap/gui/passie.desktop
  extensions: [gnome]
    - x11
    - wayland 
    - desktop
    - desktop-legacy
    - unity7  
    - passie-dbus

Is my assumption correct ?

Edit: If I “Reject and remove from review queue” and upload again with that fix, will it release or still need manual ckeck? :thinking:

Most of the slots needs manual review. I would request @alexmurray to look into this.

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Ok, thanks :+1:! The reason I am asking is because when snaping locally with the slot there but removed from apps.passie, builds the snap and still solves the dbus apparmor restriction.

My snap was released, thanks so much everyone!

Can you build it for arm64 and armhf also? I don’t know though if it’d build

I don’t have an Arm machine to build. Adding Arm support is something that I am considering, I made a little research and found the snapcraft build remote tool, but it requires a launchpad account that I don’t have yet.

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You must have it, else, you can’t publish your snap in the snap store Both are same.

Launchpad uses Ubuntu One account?

That’s why it’s called Ubuntu One ig

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Oh yeah, should have guessed it :sweat_smile: . I will try it the next few hours and make sure to let you know.

I tried both Github builds and the snapcraft remote build feature, but still only amd64 snaps in return. Some other flutter apps packaged as snaps also seem to have an issue like: Musicpod. Not sure what’s the solution to that.

Hey @peter-kal!

If you check the dbus interface doc, you can see:

a snap declaration is needed for your snap to be delivered via the snap store and claim this well-known DBus name (simply upload the snap to the store and request a manual review and a reviewer will take a look)

As you probably noticed, the declaration was granted for passie. If there is any further change in the well known name, the corresponding revision will fail again and this needs to be updated. There is no need to create a topic for this request, but feel free to do so if you want.

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Makes more sense now, thanks so much for the info! :+1:

Yes… I was also trying the same but failed. Thanks anyways. Will mark anyone’s comment as solution. @emitorino’s comment should be the best to mark as solution.