HTTP 404 error when installing core20 on armhf unit

When trying to install core20 on an armhf unit, there is error:
Download snap " core20" (633) from channel "stable" (received an unexpected http response code (404) when trying to download

So I tried to download the snap:
sudo snap download core20
And I can download it then install it, which is my workaround but maybe snap store still need some fix.

OS: Ubuntu server 20.04
snapd log

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This also works:

curl -L

it would look like the store is working well, given the above. Can you retry and let me know if this happens consistently?

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Yes, when trying to install core20 and checkbox20 today, I can still see this issue.
( snap known serial returns nothing, would it be related?)

core20 is in the global store and is included in all stores but maybe the device cannot install any snaps from its store due to lack of serial assertion / device authentication which would affect core as well (it cannot “fallback” to the global store, as a device can only point to one store).

Usually devices get their serial assertion at boot time, can you ensure it has good internet connectivity and restart it maybe?

  • Daniel