How to verify snap refresh hold forever is working


snap 2.60.4+23.10.1

I am trying to hold back a snap refresh for a specific snap “forever”, ie. I would like to stay at a specific version for “some-snap” from the snap store.

As documented in “snap help refresh”, I see the following:

  --hold=     Hold refreshes for a specified duration (or forever, if no value is specified)

So I issued the following:

snap refresh --hold=  some-snap

and get:

snap "some-snap" has no updates available
echo $?

How can I verify that specific snap will not be refreshed?

This document says to do a snap list and look in the Notes column and it will say “held”. Because my snap was installed using classic confinement (a requirement) the Notes column only shows “classic”.

If I try “snap refresh --time some-snap” I see the time the next refresh (supposedly) will happen:

timer: 00:00~24:00/4
last: today at 12:45 EST
next: today at 18:53 EST

This is no different than any other snap without a “refresh --hold=” set.

So my question stands, how can I verify that “some-snap” will not be refreshed?

Any help or pointers (and where I might have missed it) would be appreciated.



If you run

snap info some-snap

don’t you have something like this?: