How to use network-control-setup connection to apply settings?


I have an application in my snap which handles the network configuration of the system (update IP address, add new interfaces, …). The configuration itself is stored as a netplan configuration file.

By using the network-setup-control connection, I am able to read/write to /etc/netplan/xx-config.yaml successfully. Nevertheless, I am not able to apply the new settings because I can’t call the netplan binary from inside my snap (Permission denied) when running in strict mode. Am I missing something here? A quick look into network-setup-control.go on Github showed that the slot indeed does not grant access to the netplan binary. What would be the recommended way to apply network settings?

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rebooting …

in my appliance building howto at

i’m pointing to:

which implements automatic import of a netplan.yaml frile from a plugged in USB key …

the actual reboot code is at:

actual support for netplan generate/apply via the interfaces will be working once

is implemented …