How to use Firefox snap with keepass snap?

How to use Firefoxwith Keepass?

After installing the Addon it currently seems not possible to connect the keepass database. I also tested Keepass without snap using .deb but it seems also not working.

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see this discussion:

If I understand it correct currently there is no solution beside using a .deb of Firefox?

a solution is being worked no (a new native host controller portal) but it is not fully there yet …

Is it possible to follow it’s development?

I’m a Family admin. All my family member use Ubuntu and Keepassxc. Currently I could not Update their Ubuntu. So I need to know the time the Release is available.

there are several links in the thread above where you should be able to follow the development …

It now works (at least in testing) - see this article and this forum post.

I tested it again. It not work until I installed flatpak and run this command.

flatpak permission-set webextensions org.keepassxc.keepassxc_browser snap.firefox yes