How to use Dump plugin

Hi All,

I am New to snapcraft and trying to learn the dump plugin, I have created snap that will just print “Hello world!” on console.

My snapcraft.yaml

name: hello-msg

base: core18

version: ‘0.1’

summary: Print hello app

description: | This App will be used to print hello world message.

grade: devel

confinement: devmode



source: .

plugin: dump

override-build: |

  snapcraftctl build

  cd /home/pramod/Practice/hellosnap/



echo “Building Print Hello Msg” echo “” pwd echo “”

cc hello.c printmsg.c -o Hello

cp Hello Output/.

ls -ltr Output

echo “Compilation Done” echo “”

My snap is getting created but I think the hello application is not present in the snap. How to dump the Hello exe in the snap…? I have tried with organize and stages but it didn’t worked for me. may be I have missed something while implementing it.

You need to define an app under apps and a command to go with it. Here’s some info:

And have a look at the other related docs on the left side, they are very extensive.
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