How to uninstall Snap Store?

i decided to try out the snap store app. pretty cool, but decided I don’t really needed it. would like to uninstall but the snapcraft website has no instruction. any help would be nice.

im using pop os which is ubuntu base.

From a terminal I would expect this to work:

sudo apt remove snapd

Good luck!

thanks but i cant tell if it gone or not. i can still find some snap file under home when I search for it. I can also still see the snap store app, though it docent open when i click on it.

i did a log out then log back in. should I do a complete shutdown the back up?

Sorry. I do not have Pop!_OS. Might I suggest you check here:

And if that is not helpful please check here:

Good luck!

thanks seem to work when i used
sudo apt-get purge snapd

I still see two snap files in home when I search. could i just delete them manually? they don’t seem to have anything.

thanks again and one more thing. is there a way to check if there’s any snap using terminal?