How to test a remote part

I’m trying to test a remote part.

The problem is that I can’t find any doco on testing the remote part without first registering it on the remote part wiki page.

I’ve also tried to login to the remote part wiki page but it just crashes each time.

So whats the process?


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Great question. I’m updating the docs today and will add this to the list of docs to make. I’ll point you at the pull request when done so you can review it if you have a moment.


that would be lovely.


Apologies for the delay. Here’s a PR for my first pass at the remote parts pieces. I’ve covered both consuming and creating them, and based some of this off a blog post @sergiusens made a year or so ago.


@AdrianG001 You are posting irrelevancies. Please read the posts more thoroughly to determine whether the post is relevant before pointing Snapcraft issues to unrelated libreoffice help documents.

It was a spammer, now deactivated.