How to temporary mount a second disk for "snap save" as I have not enough space?

Hi there,

I guess I’m missing some essential part in my understanding…

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with a WD PiDrive 375GB disk attached. Recently I migrated from a Nextcloud Box setup on RPi3 with PiDrive 1TB, this hummed along nicely for years. Now I needed to finally make the switch, which worked out nicely thanks to the fine docs written over at github (thanks to scubamuc !!!).

Now, the snapshot at 155GB restored without any trouble on the smaller 375GB, but when only a few GB are added to Nextcloud, I won’t have enough space to again run a snap save nextcloud as the diskspace would run out.

Thus my question: Could I add a temporary larger disk, change the mountpoint for /var/lib/snapd/snapshots to that disk, run the snapshot, then disconnect again.

I suspect there is something to learn in terms of removable-media, still not getting the hang of it…

Many thanks for some guidance :innocent: