How to switch to the main Ubuntu Store, Is there any diference?

How to switch to the main Ubuntu Store. And transfer my snap to the main Store. Thank you .

Which Store should I use ? Is there any difference among them?

Based on the screenshot, you are already in the ‘Ubuntu main store’.

One can switch to other public stores if the intention is to upload a snap specifically in that context, which implies the snap will only be installable in devices configured to access that specific branded store.

Branded store UX will be vastly improved during the next months, for now the rule-of-thumb is that unless you have strict instructions to upload a snap to a branded-store (device manufactures, mostly) you should always upload to the ‘main store’ (which is the default one).

Sorry for any confusion the current UX might have caused, if you have uploaded a snap to a public branded store unintentionally, let us know its name and we will move it to the main store, where things are saner.

Thank you for your detailed comments.

Snaps in devmode can not be released into the stable and candidate store channels. So if I want to release a version into stable or candidate channels, I have to change the confinement from devmode to classic mode ? Is that right?

The name “aliyun” was chosen as namespace and should be shown in your account details:

We can change it to your Ubuntu SSO username (hongxu) if you wish. Let me know!


Thank you very very much … I am not willing to change it now …