How to sign out of snapcraft?

I can’t seem to sign out of snapcraft (Ubuntu one) in Firefox under Fedora. Even if I click on the “Sign out” and then proceed to “Sign in” it just logs me back as the same user, without asking for password. Even if I clear all cookies and site data, and I do it manually in the storage options, it still logs me back without asking for any credentials.

Snapcraft at the moment is unusable for me as the “default” user was mistakenly created and I cannot change it. I always need to open a private session to log as someone else.

I’m also super lucky to not share my browser with anyone else.

Try an incognito tab/window …

Thanks for the interest. That’s exactly what I’m doing at the moment:

However, that’s still an issue and point of frustration. It takes a while to open and copy-past passwords; it’s a really suboptimal experience. Being able to sign out seems like a basic functionality. Especially that there isn’t any “remember me” option in the first place.

Log out of first; then log out of Snapcraft. You keep being re-authenticated automatically since you’ve still a valid SSO token.

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Yes, logging out of helped. Thanks.

Hoping that Canonical can fix this at some point.