How to setup a wifi accesspoint on ubuntu core 18 and 20?


what is the recommended way to set up an wifi accesspoint on an ubuntu core system (18 and 20)? I found an old snap for core(16) Is this still the way to go?

What is the recommended dhcp server or can this be handled by netplan or system-networkd?


how about simply using the network manager snap:

Thanks for the hint.
Some questions regarding “systemd-network” and “network-manager”:

From our understanding: if the network-manager snap is installed, it creates a netplan yaml file (00-default-nm-renderer.yaml) with the content

  renderer: NetworkManager

This will affect all network configurations done via netplan.yaml in parallel to the above files, correct?
Does it have any side effects switching from networkd to network-manager?


NM will take over the Ethernet connection but should by default just use DHCP as systemd-networkd does, so in general there should not be any changes to behavior … if you use a static IP you probably need some more code to re-establish the setup …