How to set-up an IPSec VPN tunnel from Ubuntu Core

In my project I am trying to set up a IPSec VPN tunnel from platform board on which Ubuntu Core is installed.

First I tried to start strongswan(open source) service but observed that by default Ubuntu Core doesn’t provide strongswan.service.

Do we have stable snap available at store to install strongswan stack or any other open source IPSec stack in order to start daemons and set up an IPSec tunnel?

How can we set-up an IPSec VPN tunnel from Ubuntu Core?
Appreciate your support here.

i fear nothing like this exists yet … (which doesnt mean it could not be created indeed :wink: )

Please see:


Thank you so much for your support. I was able to install strongswan client package from edge channel and proceeding with testing. I will let you know my further investigations.

Do we have mechanism to cross compile the strongswan client package for armhf boards?

Arun Makkar

You could use an lxc container:

sudo apt install lxc qemu-user-static
sudo lxc-create -n myarmhf -t ubuntu -- --arch armhf -r xenial
lots of output
sudo lxc-attach -n myarmhf
root@myarmhf:/# echo "nameserver" >/etc/resolv.conf
root@myarmhf:/# apt install git snapcraft
root@myarmhf:/# git clone
root@myarmhf:/# cd strongswan-snap
root@myarmhf:/# snapcraft

or you could use the classic snap on your board to build natively:

Note though that the snap should function exactly the same on a PC (and is available there too), so you can just work on it on x86 and once done do a final test on the arm board …