How to run mkfs.ntfs/btrfs in snap?

I need to run mkfs.* in snap. with the package dosfstools, I can use mkfs.fat/mkfs.ext2/mkfs.ext3/mkfs.ext4

But the mkfs.ntfs cannot be run with package ntfs-3g. or the mkfs.btrfs cannot be run with package btrfs-progs.

root@welees-builder:/root# mkfs.ntfs
mkfs.ntfs: command not found
root@welees-builder:/root# mkfs.btrfs
mkfs.btrfs: command not found

Neither of those tools is include inside the base snaps, so you’ll have to ship them in your snap. The sandbox allows you to call any binary from your snap.

Now, ntfs-3g may be a bit of a problem as AFAIU it uses fuse, but I do not know if it needs to utilize any of the fuse interfaces for the purpose of creating a file system, so it’s possible that mkfs.ntfs may just work, but you won’t be able to read the filesystem.

Note, that unless you are creating said filesystems in raw files, your snap will need to use the block-devices interface.

Hi @ mborzecki1,

Thanks for your reply. But I still want to know how to let ntfs-3g work in snap, for the day that ntfs-3g works well in snap