How to remove the rejected `push`

Hi ! I would like to remove the rejected push from my dashboard snap .

You can’t. They’re kept for auditing reasons.

Hi @James-Carroll . Yep, I know that, there must be someone who has this privilege (to clear the rejected push log)

Sure, any admin could do it.

They won’t, because they’re kept for auditing reasons.

A rejected snap is either a genuine mistake, in which cases, mistakes happen. Or it might not even be a mistake, and just something that needs a review in the forum or some other genuine clearup.

Or it’s an attempt at someone trying to be cheeky and test the waters of the automated review system to see what they can get away with.

The second might be unlikely, but it’s impossible to prove if there’s not an audit trail.

The infrastructure isn’t hosted as a community project, Canonical has no shortage of storage capacity.

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Okay @James-Carroll ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info .