How to release to channel=stable with Travis CI

Hi, I set up my Folding at Home snap to build and release using TravisCI.

This is the relevant portion of the travis.yml (thanks to @crascit for his good one on cmake)

- stage: deploy
  if: repo = fcole90/fah-snap and branch = master and type = push
  os: linux
    provider: snap
    snap: folding-at-home-fcole90_*.snap
    channel: stable
    cleanup: false
    skip_cleanup: true

What happens is that the release gets nevertheless pushed to edge instead of stable :confused: Should I write latest/stable instead? Or is it a bug?


Neither setting stable or latest/stable works. Shall I submit an issue to Travis or is it an issue of the Snap Store?

Does your token have capabilities to deploy to stable? It could also be a problem with the dpl v1 scripts. Try the dpl v2 scripts:

And a slightly off-topic piece of advice: Travis is probably not the CI provider to invest time into as they are beginning to shut down their “(almost) unlimited free builds for OSS repos” plans. See

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Hi, yes my, I assume my token is for all channels, as I didn’t specify any when obtaining it.

About the issue, it seems like it’s ignoring the channel string. Otherwise I would imagine it would throw some error (either Travis or from the Snap store)

About using v2 scripts, I can try them, the syntax seem the same as what I’m using now. Also I see something strange, they define a edge: true in an example but there is no definition for such key. I’m wondering if I should then set it to false, and I just didn’t happen to know it because it’s not documented :sweat_smile:

Abot travis shutting down OSS projects, in the article you linked I only found that they set some max minutes to avoid people abusing that like to make TOR nodes and similar. Also it seems Linux VMs have otherwise no billing change. Did I miss some relevant piece? :blush:

This might be a Travis CI issue, the code for dpl is open source

I am not a ruby expert but I see not issues with the code after a brief look, maybe @kyrofa can help out