How to provide ssh keys to multipass?

We need to build a private GitHub project, the snap build needs to clone a source, how do I push my ssh key to multipass based VM so it can successfully clone it ?

Commenting again, so that this one gets a bump.

Hi @om26er, this would require patching snapcraft as the only way to influence it would be via cloud-init. snapcraft currently has a baked-in cloud-config data, which you’d have to be able to modify.

While that’s not available, you may need to drive the build manually yourself, something I did to multipass itself while snapcraft’s missing LXD support. You could do similar with LXD or with Multipass, even passing your own custom cloud-config as needed.

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Revisiting this again today. Is there a snapcraft flag to tell it to bind-mount the host ~/.ssh directory into the build environment ?