How to link to app in store?

How can I make a hyperlink from a webpage to my application’s listing in the Desktop store, or, if the user doesn’t have the Desktop store installed, then to my app’s listing in the Online store?

Ideally, it should be one link that allows the user to go to either destination based on what’s installed. But I’d settle for a good way to link to my app in the Desktop store. The Online store actually does this when you click the “install” button… it gives you the option of opening the current listing in the Desktop store if you have it installed, but the JS code behind it is too convoluted for me to reasonably parse, and I assume there is some kind of well-documented, established standard for this, but I haven’t been able to find it.

How can I link to my app in the Desktop store from my website?


You have the option to use snap://snap-name, snap://mapton,
that works ind the address field for me but not in this post.
But I guess it depends on your client os and store app what happens next,
and I doubt there a rout to the web page if unhandled.


Thanks @trixon!

I had tried typing that into my browser address bar and just got a google search, so I assumed I was mistaken about the link format. But since you posted this, I rethought things and decided I should try it as an actual HTML hyperlink… and it worked fine. Should have thought to try that before asking. Clicking on it gave me the option to open the app listing in Ubuntu Software or in Snap Store.

But yes, it does only seem to open a desktop store, not the online store if there is no desktop version (like while on Windows).

Thank you!