How to launch sudo snap in Ubuntu Software?


I need to get output of biosdecode from my snap. This requires root permissions. All is OK if I execute the snap from the command line:

sudo hw-probe

But it doesn’t work if I try to run the snap by clicking on the Launch button in Ubuntu Software after installing the snap.

My desktop file is the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Hardware Probe
Comment=Probe for hardware and upload result to the Linux hardware database
Exec=sudo hw-probe
Keywords=HW Probe;Hardware;Probe;

The issue is that Exec is missed in the generated file /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/hw-probe_hw-probe.desktop. The Exec persists only if I set Exec=hw-probe.

How to solve this? Where should I add sudo command?

Thank you.

For strict confinement snaps the Exec key should always be a valid snap run command, so it should be hw-probe. Not sure about running it as root though.

theoretically you would have to ship sudo inside your snap …

… but practically that can not work since snapcraft will automatically strip the suid bit from all suid binaries included in a snap which in turn renders the shipped sudo useless (beyond the fact that your snap has no access to /etc/sudoers or /etc/sudoers.d of the system) …

also note that sudo in a graphical app will stop working completely as soon as distros default to wayland (wayland does not allow sudo’ed binaries to be displayed by design) …

one option might be to ship yad in your snap and have it display a dialog box when clicking the .desktop file entry, that tells the user about using the terminal and sudo instead … (and then fall back to some degraded operation if the user does still want to use it via the launcher).

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Are there any other ways to run biosdecode and dmidecode from the snap executed by launcher? Why physical-memory-observe doesn’t allow access to /dev/mem for non-root apps?

Thank you.

$ ls -l /dev/mem
crw-r----- 1 root kmem 1, 1 Sep 20 17:22 /dev/mem

interfaes only allow access outside of the confinement, they do not modify file or device permissions …

/dev/mem is simply only root readable … (and also by the kmem group through binaries that use a setgid bit, but there the same as for sudo would apply …

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May be we need to add Launch as Administrator button (by some property in the snapcraft.yaml or a checkbox in the dashboard)? I think this will be useful for apps like gparted.