How to join group link in Teams-for-Linux snap?

I am using Teams for Linux snap (snap list command outputs Name: teams-for-linux Version:1.0.5) for few months on Ubuntu 20.04 and it is working perfectly.

But time to time from our company external partner I get a Teams group link to join the group. When I click on link, web page is opened with:


It looks like Teams-for-Linux snap is not recognized as installed program.

Is there a way in Teams I can manually enter the group link or something similar, so I can access the group that I was invited into.

microsoft actually also maintains a snap in the store for it:

i used it this morning for a customer call, clicking the link in my google calendar properly offered me to open it in this snap …

I removed teams-for-linux snap:
sudo snap remove teams-for-linux

and installed Teams snap:
sudo snap install teams

Started Teams, logged-in and it looks working fine.

Now clicked on “join team” link from Firefox browser and got the same web page as my first post. It looks the same problem as in teams-for-linux snap.

Any idea what could be wrong?

I dig into web and found official Microsoft web page that manually entering code is possible. I don’t know which part of link to copy (or at all) into this input box, it looks like everything I copy gets truncated down and obviously not working. Any idea what part of link should I copy as “code”?

hmm, this is strange, i used chromium, had the google calendar open and when clicking on the invite link in the details of the meeting it asked me if i’d allow it to open the link with xdg-open … confirming that it opened it in teams …

Another day another problem. Today I have had a call over Teams (teams snap) and I was able to hear them, but they where not been able to hear me. Mic was turned on (I see led light when it is on) on laptop. We tried several times to establish call, but always the same they could not hear me.

Then I have remembered I have installed Teams snap yesterday. I uninstalled Teams snap and installed teams-for-linux snap and now everything is working fine, they can hear what I am saying.

I did a test in my environment. I installed the teams-insiders package version I paste the conference link in Firefox browser, it will launch the desktop app normally. But in Google browser,it was the same as before MyAARPMedicare

@Huels thanks for testing.

Now I see there are three Teams snap packages in snapstore:

I haven’t tested the third one (Insiders), because it is labeled with the same version number as Preview so

First one (for Linux) and second (Preview) group teams links produces errors like in my first post . It looks to me Teams deb package is searched or something and Teams snap package is not searched.

And Preview version also does not work my microphone (users can’t hear me) like I posted in post number 5.