How to integrate 4G modem

Hi ,
I want to integrate 4G modem into my gateway, such as Huawai or Quectel 4G modem. The 4G modem connected by USB bus. I used mdev before, when 4G modem powered on, hotplug event happend, and mdev will load modem drivers(different modems have different drivers) depends on vendor id and product id.
Hotplug support, this topic says currently usb hotplug only support serial-port, so how to deal with 4G modem network interface?
Did I need to develop my own hotplug interface as the Developing hotplug interfaces says? Or I have to use usb-modeswitch? Can you give me some advice about USB 4G modem work process?

Thank you very much.

The network-manager snap should ship everything you need and it provides an interface for other snaps to manage it

@smartdabao I assume this is related to How to change 4G modem type ethernet to gsm , probably we can have the full discussion there.