How to install snaps so that they are available on live USBs

I thought it would be a great idea to use snaps on my Live Linux USB with persistent storage… alas, I was wrong. see video without audio I’ve installed snap hello but when I try to run hello Lubuntu comes back with no ‘hello’ installed though snap hello is clearly in the list see video without audio

How do I install snaps so that they are usable on a live USB AND remain in persistent storage? thank you Dennis

Might be that the lubuntu live image simply does not have /snap/bin in its PATH. try running /snap/bin/hello or alternatively snap run hello

AFAIK lubuntu does not pre-install snapd on its live image, but the snapd package adds this PATH entry, so it might be missing if you use the Live rootfs as a base (i.e. in persistent mode) …

Many thanks for your reply… as it happens my first test snap install hello

hello is broken!

As a sanity test I tried VLC and Tree

both worked just fine AND remained persistent on the live USB stick! :wink:


Here’s the playlist of my tests of snap on Lubuntu

Thanks again for the reply and this issue is closed for me.