How to install on a hard drive with plenty of space? Main drive running low!


I don’t have a ton of space on my main drive because I decided to let the main drive be a SSD for faster startup. I have a external USB drive as the driver I want to install all my software on.

How do I tell snap to install software on the external drive?

have a look at:

The only issue I see would be that my drive is on a external USB and could switch locations at startup :/. … The computer I have only had room for 1 HD. It’s also a low profile type of system.

Yesterday it was /dev/sdb and today it is /dev/sdc1

grab its UUID and add it to fstab to mount it in a fixed place …

i.e. i have a big raid array on my desktop, imagine it mounts the drive in /mnt/drive, then i add a systemd mount unit to bind mount the snapd dir from there with:

$ cat /etc/systemd/system/var-lib-snapd.mount 
Description=Mount unit for snap packages