How to initialize ETCD snap on 18.04.3

Using a fresh install of ubuntu server 18.04.3 with etcd.snap installed,(a new build without migration).
This link explains how to migrate configuration from etcd.deb to etcd.snap, the .deb config from /etc/default/etcd is migrated to /var/snap/etcd/common and /var/snap/etcd/current.

On this vm both paths /var/snap/etcd/common and /var/snap/etcd/current are empty without an etcd.conf.yml. Like this one from
The snap seems to be running fine without a config, but I need to add one.

How should a new snap based etcd cluster node be configured?
Where does the etcd.conf.yml live?
After adding or editing the etcd.conf.yml is there an sudo systemctl daemon-reload equivalent?

After following this tutorial
snap services can be managed with systemctl commands if desired.

snap services are found at /etc/systemd/system/ etcd service is named snap.etcd.etcd.service

etcd service looks for config.yml at /var/snap/etcd/common/etcd.conf.yml
example config