How to increase snap-store-proxy device limit


Is there a conf or option that can be updated to modify the snap-store-proxy device limit or is that limit strictly moderated and approved by Canonical?

I’m not sure how that limit is decided upon or incremented.

Thanks for any clarification.

Currently the limit is moderated by Canonical, but also not enforced at this time. We expect to improve management of the proxy in the future and have a cleaner mechanism for device limits and metrics around active devices attached to the proxy.

Appreciate the response. I like the prospect of expanded metrics!

Does that mean that mean that the proxy can have an arbitrary number of connected devices?

And for posterities sake, Is it reasonable to expect that a hard limit wont be pushed in some future update that could prevent registered clients from using the snap-store-proxy?


Yes, we would expect to support legacy deployments and not have any enforcement break existing setups.