How to grant app execute right to normal user


Base my understanding, if i define an app in snapcraft.yanl, root user can execute the app command on ubuntu shell, but need to run the command with sudo.

my question is that if it is possiable to allow normal user to run the app command? (normal user is created by root with adduser command, without sudo right).


you can always execute snap apps the same way you can execute any other app on a system … if there is a non-root user there is no reason why you wouldnt be able to execute an app running as this user …

that said … snap apps do inherit exactly the same permissions like any other app … so if your app tries to write to some root owned dir (i.e. writing to to $SNAP_DATA instead of $SNAP_USER_DATA or trying to open a device file in /dev that only root can open), sudo is required … like with any “normal” app as well …