How to get rid of your solution SNAP

Hi there, I just install this snap, and instal kompozer and notepadqq. Everything with instruction and ends OK. Unfortunatly I cannot run this two aplications, so I want to get rid copletly of this “snap” because I think its fraud. How to get back to “before $ sudo apt install snapd”? Is there way to get rid of it, or I must live with it forever? It is just virus or something?

sudo apt purge snapd

should remove all snap packages and snapd itself

note if you run on ubuntu it will remove some core bits of the system (your browser, the ubuntu-software management tool etc) that you will then have to replace somehow with non-snap equivalents of your liking …

Thanks for reply. After reboot, KOMPOZER runs ok, but notepadqq runs and cannot open, save any file because permanent “Permission denied” message. So… after installing SNAPD I cannot uninstall it because it will crash my system? If you are creator of it I sugest that You should say about that first, before anyone try it.

Hmm maybe you wanted to remove those two snaps only? In that case snap remove --purge kompozer and snap remove --purge notepadqq are what you need to run.

Hi. Many thanks! I just uninstall this two snaps, system still working, great and fast help, thank you!