How to force a pull after a git change

I’ve a part that pulls code from a git repository.
During development I doing a build via snapcraft that contains a number of large parts.

When I find a problem I update the git repo that contains the part.

The issue is that when I update the repo I need to force snap craft to pull the latest version from the repo.

I expected the following command to do this:

snapcraft pull tomcat-with-ssl

Instead it just says the pull has already been done.

Even clean doesn’t seem to help:

snapcraft clean tomcat-with-ssl

Skipping pull tomcat-with-ssl (already ran)

I’ve just done a clean why wouldn’t do a pull now?

The only way to get a pull happening is to perform

snapcraft clean

But of course I’m now up for a full build cycle - 15minutes later… I have a build.

OK so looks like you do this with the clean command:

`snapcraft clean tomcat-with-ssl -s pull’

This appears to force a pull on the part.

So I think I’ve answered my own question :slight_smile:

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